A Dessert Revolution in Indianapolis!

The Whimsical Whisk is the most talked about pastry company in Indianapolis!

Specializing in painted cookies, logo cookies, as well as an award-winning menu of desserts.

We are closed.  Thank you for nearly 10 great years of business!



[Image from Flickr]:Blue Ribbon Bridal Cake [Image from Flickr]:Carnations and Chocolate Petit Fours [Image from Flickr]:Bridal Shoe Collection [Image from Flickr]:Butterfly Rose Petit fours [Image from Flickr]:Petit Four SMores [Image from Flickr]:Lemon Raspberry Zing and Killer Truffles [Image from Flickr]:Blooming Pansies $42/dz [Image from Flickr]:Cockatoos [Image from Flickr]:Race Car and Helmet Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Happy Birthday Mickey Maurer! [Image from Flickr]:Petit fours [Image from Flickr]:Wedding Cupcakes [Image from Flickr]:Lovebirds- Engagement cake [Image from Flickr]:Cottage Home Tour cookies [Image from Flickr]:Back Left to front: Lavender, Lemon Drop, Poker Dice, Cool Mint Heart, Island Wafer Cream [Image from Flickr]:Logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Milhaus Logo Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Simon Youth Foundation Logo Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Veros Partner and Veros Dental Logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Visit Indy, Center Plate, FFA logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Piab logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Ball State Ticket cookies [Image from Flickr]:Flock of Turkey Logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:In Memory of Ross Faris [Image from Flickr]:Media cookies [Image from Flickr]:PACERS logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Summer Flip Flops [Image from Flickr]:Summer Sandal Birthday Cake [Image from Flickr]:Happy 89th Birthday Maye! [Image from Flickr]:Exact Target Qr Code logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:In the womb-cookies [Image from Flickr]:Just Married cookie favors [Image from Flickr]:Butterfly Birthday Monogram cake [Image from Flickr]:Rose Petit Fours [Image from Flickr]:American Legion Logo Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Front page [Image from Flickr]:Show Girl Shoe cookies [Image from Flickr]:Monogram Mini Cakes [Image from Flickr]:T2 Systems logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Teacup cookies [Image from Flickr]:The Proposal [Image from Flickr]:Hawaiian Leis cookies [Image from Flickr]:Angry Birds character cookies [Image from Flickr]:Babies in Bloom [Image from Flickr]:LDI, ldt. logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Zinnia cookies [Image from Flickr]:Volcano Dinosaur Cake- Serves 25 [Image from Flickr]:Safari Animal Baby Onezies [Image from Flickr]:QR Code Cookie Flowers [Image from Flickr]:Fire Truck Cake (serves 22-25) [Image from Flickr]:Happy 90th Birthday! [Image from Flickr]:EHarmony QR Code cookies [Image from Flickr]:Staples [Image from Flickr]:Congratulations Clarissa! [Image from Flickr]:Congratulations Emma! [Image from Flickr]:Birthday Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Painted Flower Wedding cake [Image from Flickr]:QR Code  Logo Cookies [Image from Flickr]:The Capital Grille logo cake [Image from Flickr]:Indy 500 Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Bridal Shower Shoe Show [Image from Flickr]:Star Wars mini cakes [Image from Flickr]:Dinosaur cake #2 [Image from Flickr]:Welcome FDIC [Image from Flickr]:Carnation Cakes (serves 2-4) [Image from Flickr]:FAMS and SallieMae logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Shoe Dazzle Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Indianapolis 2012 logo cookies for ICVA event [Image from Flickr]:American Twin and Dealer Expo logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Babies on Board [Image from Flickr]:Family Picture cookies [Image from Flickr]:Wedding Cake cookie favors [Image from Flickr]:Assorted Birthday Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Cassidy Turley Logo Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Bowen & Mayor Ballard Fundraising event [Image from Flickr]:University of Indianapolis Crewneck Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Golf cookies [Image from Flickr]:Butler University Mascot-Blue [Image from Flickr]:Big Brother/Sister logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:CDI Logo Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Alpha Chi Omega cookies [Image from Flickr]:Bat cookies [Image from Flickr]:The Horse Show [Image from Flickr]:Whirlpool logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Old National Bank Logo Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Indianapolis 500 Festival Logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Baby Jane Shoes [Image from Flickr]:Indianapolis Ballet Dancing w/ the Stars cookies [Image from Flickr]:Kappa Kappa Gamma cookies [Image from Flickr]:Cathedral High School Logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Jurassic park cookies [Image from Flickr]:Butler University Pennant cookies & Megaphone [Image from Flickr]:Science Cookies Indianapolis [Image from Flickr]:Goldfish cookies [Image from Flickr]:Velociraptor Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Graduation Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Noblesville Baseball team hats [Image from Flickr]:United States Army Cookies [Image from Flickr]:NCAA and At&t logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Indiana Birds [Image from Flickr]:Artic Animals [Image from Flickr]:Saxohpone Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Indy 500 race car cookies [Image from Flickr]:Indianapolis - Raising the Game cookies [Image from Flickr]:Summer Bridal Shower [Image from Flickr]:The American CowGirl Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Basketball Shoe Cookie [Image from Flickr]:Media Logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Happy Birthday Lily! [Image from Flickr]:Animals of Africa [Image from Flickr]:Pumpkin-sitter Caterpillar [Image from Flickr]:Grandfather and Granddaughter [Image from Flickr]:tropical butterflies [Image from Flickr]:IRSA Logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Seth & Simon [Image from Flickr]:Easter Shoes [Image from Flickr]:Fire Engine Onezies [Image from Flickr]:I am a Survivor! Hat cookies [Image from Flickr]:Detail & Design Logo Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Logo cookies for Delta [Image from Flickr]: [Image from Flickr]:Wild Fish [Image from Flickr]:Welcome Isacc! [Image from Flickr]:Jen Thomas PR logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Concord Hog Roast Fundraiser cookies [Image from Flickr]:Large cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and fondant monkey decorations $51/dz [Image from Flickr]:Star Wars Yoda cookies [Image from Flickr]:Hilton Garden Inn: New Van promotion [Image from Flickr]:T-Rex cookies [Image from Flickr]:Product Launch for Comcast [Image from Flickr]:Wild Things [Image from Flickr]:Muscle Car Cookie favors [Image from Flickr]:Class of 2010! [Image from Flickr]:Lily is 13!- party favors [Image from Flickr]:TeleTubbies cookies [Image from Flickr]:Barney Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Palm Snake [Image from Flickr]:Saltwater Pearl Necklace [Image from Flickr]:Go Cure! [Image from Flickr]:Golf Shoe Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Pastel Butterflies [Image from Flickr]:Painted Flower Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Large Whimsical Flower cupcakes $42/dz [Image from Flickr]:Safari cookies [Image from Flickr]:Firehouse cupcakes $42/dz [Image from Flickr]:Cook for the Cure cookies [Image from Flickr]:Company Logo cookies [Image from Flickr]:Butterfly Chocolate cupcakes $42/dz [Image from Flickr]:Casino Card Cookies [Image from Flickr]:logo cookies created for local ad agency [Image from Flickr]:Milliman Logo Cookies [Image from Flickr]:VolleyBall Jersey Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Party Dress Cookies [Image from Flickr]:Henry & Dolly [Image from Flickr]:Sea Turtle [Image from Flickr]: I Will Survive!